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Lila Products currently has a workshop in Mekanisa Kore in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as well as in Kuriftu Resorts and Water Park in Bishoftu, Ethiopia. Our hand-crafted jewelry is made of bullet casings, leather, clay, and paper beads. It is made by artisan women who we train and empower to grow.


Lila Products

Our partners are shop owners and other wholesalers in the United States and Europe. We can proudly say that our partners share our main value: empowering women.



Clay Set Bracelet

Fray Necklace

Haymanot single necklace

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About Us

Lila Products

Founded in 2014 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Gelila Shewaye, Lila Products has since grown, changed, and adapted. When Gelila first began branching out, her passion for fashion and helping others drove her to start a business that uses environmentally friendly jewelry as a way to create job opportunities for marginalized men and women. Lila Products is primarily a jewelry production company whose focus is exporting goods to store owners and wholesalers around the world. We have partners in the United States and Europe that share our values to create and sustain jobs for the marginalized. 

Why Us

Creating quality hand-made jewelry
Creating job opportunities for marginalized women
Empowering and training women.
We accept credit card payments for our local buyers.

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Lila Products is proud to offer you beautiful, handcrafted jewelry made in Ethiopia

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